Funeral expenses

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Funeral Expenses

Every funeral service is uniquely different and we pride ourselves in giving each family the choices available for them to consider. The Peace family and their team have a vast knowledge and experience of the area. Understandably, you will be given the time to make decisions that create the type of funeral that represent both yours or the deceased’s wishes.

A funeral service can take many forms from a simple direct service of burial or cremation, to a full service at a place of worship before.

Ultimately, funeral costs depend on the services chosen by the family and third-party costs (see disbursements)

We can help arrange a funeral to suit your financial budget and wishes.

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Personalised funerals

A H Cheater have been helping bereaved families in Romsey and surrounding areas arrange dignified affordable funerals for over 100 years. With their experience and knowledge, one of our qualified funeral directors will guide you through the options available to you, as a funeral is a very personal experience.

Average funeral costs last year were £2715 (year ending May 2017) and third-party disbursements £1337

Following the arrangements, we will provide a detailed estimate of all the potential costs involved.

Professional Service Charge: Our emphasis is placed on service and this charge represents our administration throughout the funeral, including use of our facilities, all arrangements and confirmation with clergy/crematoria, statuary documentation, insertion of press announcements, receipt and care of floral tributes, maintenance of our 24 hour service, a contribution to our fixed overhead business costs and advice and guidance in all matters relating to the funeral, together with our personal attention. Afterwards we are available to offer advice on any other matter you consider we might be of further assistance.

Vehicle Charge: This represents the use of a hearse for the conveyance of the deceased and uniformed bearers, together with the provision of limousines for mourners as required. We are also able to offer a number of different specialist vehicles subject to availability (see vehicles). Please ask us for further details.

Removal Charge: This provides for our staff to convey the deceased in our specialist vehicle from the place of death to our private Chapel of Rest and may vary with the distance and time involved.

Care of the deceased: Looking after the deceased once they arrive in our care until the day of the funeral, dressing in clothes selected by the family or in the gown selected with the coffin. Included in this is the use of our Chapel of Rest for visiting, by appointment, and any preparation necessary.

The Coffin: Our clients are invited to select the type of coffin from our vast selection for either burial or cremation (see coffins)

Other Services: These include supplying printed orders of service, funeral stationary, Saturday funerals, arranging the final disposition of cremated remains in a cemetery, churchyard or other final resting place.

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Disbursements are the items which the funeral director has to pay on behalf of the clients at the time of the funeral and include cremation fees, doctors’ fees, church and ministers fee, floral tributes, death notices and grave digging fees (this list is not exhaustive). The costs of these items are out of the funeral directors control.

Below are examples of costs of some of the disbursements locally (as of June 2017)


Southampton Crematorium   £770.00
Restricted times   £585.00
Wessex Vale Crematorium   £845.00
Restricted times   £635.00
Salisbury Crematorium   £842.00


Woodley Cemetery, Romsey From £1000.00 - £2000.00
Includes Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial, Erection of Memorial and grave preparations. Fees vary depending on depth of grave and residence of deceased)    
Church of England Churchyards From £377.00
Local Parish Cemeteries (fees are usually double for former parish residents) From £200.00
Gravedigger costs From £400.00
Other Disbursements    
Clergy fees From £182.00
Non-religious/funeral celebrant From £200.00
Organist fee From £70.00
Doctors fee for completion of cremation certificates From £164.00
Removal of a headstone From £120.00
Burial of cremated remains    
Woodley and Botley Road Cemetery From £250 - £1000.00
Church of England Churchyard From £151.00
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Simple Funeral Service

We can offer the simple funeral service as a low-cost option. With defined service restrictions, we are able to keep our costs down while still providing a dignified funeral carried out to the highest standards.

Our fee for this service in £1995.00 and includes.

Our professional services, arrangements for the funeral, provision of a plastic lined composite board coffin for burial or cremation. Transfer of the deceased (in normal working hours and within 10-mile radius) and the provision of a hearse for conveyance direct to the local cemetery, churchyard or crematorium. Certain times and days may be excluded.

The simple funeral does not include:

  • Viewing of the deceased
  • Collection of donations in lieu of flowers
  • Limousines for the mourners
  • The funeral service taking place at any other venue before the burial or cremation
  • The hearse leaving from the family home or via a prescribed route

In addition, you will need to add the cost of disbursements for the service (see disbursements) which must be paid in advance of the funeral.

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Direct service (cremation or burial)

Where no service is requested and no mourners or family attend the cremation or burial, we can provide a direct service.

Our fee for this service is £1250 and includes.

  • Transfer of the deceased in hours from a local address or hospital (within a 10-mile radius)
  • A coffin
  • A hearse and trained staff
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In addition, you will need to add the cost of the appropriate disbursements, for example cremation or burial fees.

For more information regarding our disbursement costs... Click Here.

Full payment of this service, including disbursements, is requested in advance of the funeral.

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Financial Help

The person who arranges the funeral and signs the estimate is legally responsible for paying for the funeral. If you are worried about how you will pay for the funeral please talk to us as we may be able to suggest ways to reduce any possible financial burden.

Payment Traditionally, payment is made from the deceased’s estate. If there are sufficient funds available, an Executor of a Will or personal representative of the deceased can pass the invoice to the deceased’s bank and they will settle directly to the Funeral Director. Otherwise payment can be accepted by cheque, cash BACS (bank transfer) or Credit/Debit Card.

Financial Assistance There are many sources of financial assistance which may be available to help with payment for the funeral, naturally these are depending upon individual circumstances.

Life Insurance or Funeral Plan The deceased may have made some provision in advance for their funeral, by buying either life insurance or a Funeral Plan. If they have done this, you should find documents confirming this with their personal papers.

Help from the Government – Bereavement Payment If your husband, wife or civil partner dies, you could be entitled to a one-off, tax free Bereavement Payment of up to £2,000. To qualify you need to be under State Pension age and the deceased must have paid enough National Insurance contributions. For more information see:

Pension Scheme If the person who has died was receiving a personal pension or a pension from their employer this may include provision for a payment upon their death, or provide an allowance for their next of kin. You should contact the pension provider to find out whether there is any allowance payable.

Trade Unions/Armed Services/Veterans If the deceased was a member of the armed forces, a veteran or member of a trade union, they may be able to assist towards funeral expenses.

Help from the Government – DWP Funeral Payment If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be able to claim a DWP Funeral Payment to help towards a funeral (Claim Form SF200) although any payment is unlikely to cover the whole funeral bill. The government will assess if it is reasonable for you to be expected to pay for the funeral and whether there are any other relatives who are able to contribute to the expenses. Calculations are based upon the applicant’s ability to pay, not the financial situation of the person who has died. A claim must be made within 3 months.

The qualifying benefits are:

  • Income Support.
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance.
  • Pension Credit.
  • Housing Benefit.
  • The disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit.
  • One of the extra elements of Child Tax Credit.
  • Universal Credit.

You can find more information about DWP Funeral Payments at If you need any assistance with completing claim forms, the Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help, or you can ask for an appointment at your local JobCentre Plus.

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